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Mimmi aka Savannah. 18. Hufflepuff. I post Harry Potter, Doctor Who and occasionally other things that I love. David Tennant and Tom Hiddleston are my (quite unknowing) husbands. I tag everything i post and everything that's not harry potter with not hp

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Anonymous said:
I've decided to give you a daily virtual hug, because you seem to always need one. :) *hug*

Oh thank you <3


It’s official, I can drop out of school and go to Hogwarts. [x]

"One of the most interesting conversations Chris [Hemsworth] and I kept having was, ‘What does Loki want in the end?’ What does he want? I was unable to come up with a definitive answer. Perhaps because I don’t think Loki even knows. He’s become so accustomed to occupying opposition. Whatever the status quo is, he’s opposed to it. That’s why he’s a trickster, a shapeshifter, a deceiver, a strategist, a manipulator." (Hiddleston)

sinfulsirius asked:  marauders or golden trio?

Anonymous said:
eeeeyyyy svenne banan!


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